About Varalli:

Varalli Luxury; He started his career in 1985 with a furniture polish workshop by brothers Hüsamettin VARAL and Ertekin VARAL. As in all design fields, furniture coloring has been a solid ground for them to begin with. The sensitivity and meticulousness of the brothers to their work soon gained a good vibe in the furniture industry. Strong collaborations were established with major furniture companies. Their dedication and continuous improvement in terms of color designs of the time made them sought-after names as polish masters. This situation prompted the brothers to start their own furniture brands.

In 1995, they gathered all their savings in the first place and started their retail life with multiple partners in a store called Burç Furniture in the central branch where Varalli Furniture continues its existence and serves as the central store. Within a few years, the brothers separated with their multiple partners and gathered this branch under their own roof in Modoko.

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Today, Varalli Luxury has reached the position of a prominent and spoken brand in the furniture community with its concepts, designs and experienced team, serving all over the world and in Turkey. Varalli Luxury, which continues its services by showing the same importance and sensitivity to all its customers, continues its service by investing in the company and the future by maintaining the same views and determination to work in the future.

Project & Design

Varalli Luxury; It carries its quality and success to the best place in its own production line with project-based turnkey works. Project-oriented services are designed from scratch by integrating them on the basis of product and style. The products are analyzed by professional architect teams together with the demands of the customers, processed with all the desired details and the entire design is specially designed for the project. Apart from home furniture, our teams work in various workplaces, offices, villas, hotels, apartments, etc. It can also make original designs and project studies in areas.

Adres: Modoko Sanayi Sitesi, 3. Cadde, 229/A, Varalli Mobilya, Ümraniye/İstanbul

WhatsApp: 0 531 716 88 86

Telefon: 0216 420 97 35

E-Mail: info@varalli.com.tr

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